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I am sorry, my English is not very good, but I try to tell and show you about my hobby's.

On the other pages you can click on several buttons to see my pictures about nature, European towns

and other nice things. Also you can click on some buttons to listen my music and other noices.

Try it and enjoy...!


My job is teaching. This happens at the school "Pieter Zandt 'in Kampen. This is a large school with branches: Pro VMBO (all pathways) and Havo / VWO.

I give the Dutch language in the upper secondary and lower Havo / VWO. My wife gives lessons in the box, Care and Welfare. I myself next to my teaching

duties still work in the educational development and some team tasks.

This building is about 12 years old and is well equipped. There are 3 branches, 1 in Urk, 1 in Staphorst and 1 IJsselmuiden. In total more than 2900 students visit the school,

of which approximately 2000 in Kampen. The engineering department is currently being rebuilt. In October 2009 it will be used. For further information please visit the website of the school visit:
Pieter Zandt school.
Now this is my 4th school where I am working. In 1971 I started as a teacher at the Eben-HaŽzerschool in 's-Gravenzande.
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2nd school where I worked, the Petrus Datheen School Puttershoek. I am a few years head of the school. Now concerned that a new school building.
Peter Datheen School Puttershoek

3rd school where I worked, It was the Eben-HaŽzerschool in Drachten. At this school I was 16 years director.




One of my hobbies is music. I like listening to classical music, vocals and organ. Personally I also play organ as an amateur. I also directed choirs for years.

School choirs, a jongerenkoor, a mixed choir and a girl-choir . Each choir has its own specific type of sound colors. On the page (muziekpagina) are some photos of the various choirs I directed.

The jongerenkoor and Mixed choir still exist. Due to lack of time and travel, I am now stopped. 

Another hobby of me is photography. An extensive camera is not directly given to me, I like more a good camera, I can get quickly appeared to make good and great photos with it. On this site there are others to watch. While I am building the website, the photo pages are classified in different categories. There will be photos on display from different countries in Europe that we visited, but also nice shots from the immediate vicinity and nature. I hope that many will enjoy this.