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Male, Christian, married, Dutch.

I currently work at Baan Development as a software engineer; you can e-mail me.

(By the way, there are two of me. That is, there is another Marnix Klooster around. Our offices are even on the same street. Please don't confuse me with him; he studied in Twente, and I in Delft. I really should have a picture of me here.)


For now, this is just a place to publish some ideas, documents, and links that I find interesting. These pages are updated irregularly, if and when I find the time. Note that all links in [this style] are on this same web site, or on another web site maintained by me.

Currently featuring:

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Sat Apr 30 09:32:00 MEST 2005  Marnix Klooster <>
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Mon Dec  6 08:43:51 MET 2004  Marnix Klooster
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Sat Oct 30 12:38:39 MEST 2004  Marnix Klooster
  * Move from CVS to darcs: do not show the CVS date anymore.

Sat May 25 10:46:31 MEST 2002  marnix
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