Curriculum Vitae Cor van Rij

Personal Information  
Given name : Cor
Surname : van Rij
Birthday : February 28th, 1975
Residence : The Hague, Holland
Telephone : Please consult curriculum
E-mail : Please consult curriculum
Nationality : Dutch
Gender : Male
Marital status : Married

Cor van Rij was born on 28 February 1975 and completed highschool with a triple 8, triple 7 and a double 6. He wnt to university in Rijswijk and studied electronics with telecommunication technology as a specialisation. His final thesis was on the development of a HF propagation estimation tool for military applications using civilian shortwave broadcasters. In January 1997 he graduated with honours (BSc engineering).
In March 1997 he started working at, a then small telecommunications company called, Versatel. Via several intermediate roles he became a Senior Design engineer (2001) and as such was responsible for the design and implementation of the new MPLS backbone. In fall 2002 became the Manager of the design department. As early as 2003, he envisioned the role of Ethernet as a core and access transport medium and gave several presentations to start discussions within the company. He has written several whitepapers on latency, encryption, spare stock management, etc. Besides his role as manager of the team he was also heavily involved in the architecture and set-up of many IP-related products.
As of October 2006, Cor is employed as R&D Electronics engineer at Tasseron, a leading manufacturer in temperature sensors and heating elements. Besides manufacturing and trading also many custom er specific electronic is designed and manufactured in-house.

In his free time he loves to spend time with his wife, to read books, try-out new recipees and experiment with electronics.

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